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How to use Cremak CK-01 popsicle machine

1. When you receive the popsicle machine and ice cream machine, should not use machine until one day after transport.

2. Regarding the popsicle machine, the machine should far away from the wall more than 50cm, to let the air go inside the fan when the machine operate, because the machine is air cooling.

3. Before turn on the popsicle machine, Please pour about 30L cooling agent into the cooling tank. You can choose one of them as the cooling agent, as follow:

1kg calcium chloride to mix 1L water. (final mixture should about 30L)

1L glycol to mix 1L water. (final mixture should about 30L)

1kg Sodium chloride to mix 1L water . (final mixture should about 30L)

4. After there is cooling agent inside the cooling tank, you can turn on the machine. You can set the temperature or no need set temperature, because the lowest temperature will around -26 degree

5. After the temperature reach to -16 degree, you can put the popsicle mold which has the popsicle raw material, into the cooling tank. After 20 minutes, you can take out the popsicle mold, then can take off the popsicle, one batch popsicle is finished. Then make another batch popsicle. If the temperature is lower, such as -26, then the time to finish one batch popsicle will shorter. At the first time, the machine need 2-3 hours to reach to -16 degree.

Here are the videos for our CK-02 and CK-04. If yo want watch CK-01 or other model, please contact us. We will show to you.

CK-02 popsicle machine:

CK-04 popsicle machine:

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