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How to use swirl freeze fruit ice cream blender machine

Do you know how to use Cremak swirl ice cream blender? Please check the instruction.

Swirl freeze fruit ice cream blender
There are two type bottom for the cup, as follow:
Only make milk shake or juice, then close the bottom. If you blending ice cream with other food,
can not close it.
When you wash the cup, please also don’t close it, because dirty water will come out from


Must make sure you fix the screw tightly, or the shaft will scratch the cup.

Make sure no gaps between the cup and the machine.

The green button: There is white tube, you need put into the clean water, when you press the
green button, the water will come into the cup. When you wash the cup, please dont close the
Blending ice cream with frozen fruit:
Prepare: Hard ice cream(gelato), frozen fruits
1. Put about 3-4 scoop ice cream, and then put some frozen fruits.
2. Put down the handle, because the ice cream and frozen fruit is very hard, you should put
down the handle strongly, you can like this,
If you didnt put the handle strongly, the blending time will long, so the ice cream will melt
inside the cup.
If you can not make ice cream good shape, you can try more times, you will find the skills.




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